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sun.king's gis partial discharge online monitor of jarud to qingzhou project started delivery -ag真人平台官方

on jul. 6 2017, sun.king's gis partial discharge online monitoring device of “qingzhou” convertor station in “±800kv/6250a jarud to qingzhou hvdc project” started delivery.

on mar. 3 2017, “qingzhou” convertor station gis partial discharge online monitoring device project of “±800kv/6250a jarud to qingzhou hvdc project” officially launched, and entered batch - manufacturing stage. after four months, all the hardware and software products contained in the online monitoring device (170 monitoring points) were completed. they passed various tests, and were officially shipped on jul. 6, 2017.

project background:

“±800kv/6250a jarud to qingzhou hvdc project”is a major project in china to implement the the strategy of the central government to fully revitalize the old industrial base in northeast china, to promote the coordinated development of the northeast electric power.

as a key project of ”inner mongolia electric power transfer project” of state grid corporation and the first hvdc transmission channel of northeast power grid, jarud to qingzhou hvdc project has great significance to improve the local power delivery capacity, to meet the demand of electricity in north china, to stimulate domestic demand and economic growth, to promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, and to implement the national action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution.