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sun.king successfully developed a igbt gate unit for new energy vehicles -龙八国际

recently, sun.king power electronics group successfully developed a igbt gate unit gu-c12-ab-12d-v1 for the use of igbt in new energy vehicles, which indicates that the igbt gate unit technology for new energy vehicles of sun.king is already in the leading position in the industry and has laid a solid foundation for the development in the field of new energy vehicles.

the product is with dual-channel, high-isolation voltage, low-power and small size, it has tight structure, reasonable layout, supports plug and play functionality, no need of peripheral functional circuits etc.

this product can realize half bridge drive function; the ntc module can instantly monitor, collect and process environmental information, cooperate with the various detection and protection functions of the gate unit; uses the highly integrated drive processing chip to reduce the number of peripheral devices and increase the stability of gate unit; support plug and play functionality: no need to input control program, ensure the reliability of the operation, can also reduce maintenance changes.

according to the 13th five-year plan of the state council , the number of new energy vehicles will reach 5 million by 2020, and the annual production and sales volume will reach more than 2 million. the explosive growth of the market scale puts forward higher requirements for the technical level of new energy vehicles, promotes the rapid development of the core component motor controller technology. therefore, as the core device of motor controller, igbt gate unit has a very broad market demand and great potential for development. in the future, sun.king will continue to work hard to develop more new products, to promote the development of china's new energy automotive industry and to improve the technology level of core components of new energy vehicles.