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success case

digital igbt gate unit -- “zhoushan” project hvdc breaker

zhejiang zhoushan ±200kv five-terminal flexible dc transmissen technology demonstration project -- hvdc breaker

zhoushan hvdc breaker, is the first independent developed hvdc breaker in china, which has the highest voltage level and the strongest breaking capacity in the world. it adopts 200kv cascade full-bridge hybrid dc breaker design, which makes up for the defect of high loss of solid state dc breaker, overcomes the difficulty of speed limit of mechanical breaker, and realizes the modularization design of electrical and mechanical structure. the dc breaker can break fault currents up to 15ka in 3 milliseconds, 100 times faster than a human blink.

all the digital igbt gate unit products in this hvdc breaker are developed by sun.king group, that is, sun.king group is the exclusive gate unit product supplier of hvdc breaker in zhoushan project.

sun.king digital igbt gate unit technology

sun.king group is one of the few companies with digital igbt gate unit technology in the world. with the help of international leading gate unit technology, combined with the working characteristics of hvdc breakers in china, the digital igbt gate unit product is designed and developed for zhoushan hvdc breaker project. it has the characteristics of high flexibility, easy to use, easy maintenance and so on. in particular, the digital igbt gate unit can realize the adjustment of the gate unit voltage output, threshold protection parameters, gate voltage protection, fault prompt function and other software parameter according to the customer's  requirement, so it can provide maximum backing for user system design, maintenance and upgrading.

product advantages

compared with the traditional analog technology drive, the digital igbt gate unit of sun.king group has the following advantages:

digital igbt gate unit

analog technology drive

flexible parameter adjustment. by controlling the gate, the software parameters of gate unit can be changed flexibly and the performance of igbt can be adjusted. 

complicated parameter adjustment. analog igbt driver, most of its parameters are implemented by hardware, complex parameter adjustment. 

suitable for different types of igbt

difficult to adapt to different models of igbt

witch delay and the switching loss, so that the igbt can get a good turn on and off performance. in the case of overcurrent or short circuit fault, can take protective action quickly, to ensure that the igbt can be turn off safely and reliably. 

the switch has a long time delay and can not take protective action quickly in case of circuit fault.