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online monitoring for high voltage cable

online monitoring for high voltage cable

using large scale integrated circuit as the basis of design, four-layer circuit board sinking gold design technology, smt industrial manufacturing technology, high reliability and good consistency;
real-time accurate alarm, support a variety of alarm mode,like message、acoustic-light、graphics screen, inform users terminal alarm in time;
support data storage of more than 30 years , analysis of historical data, automatic reporting of historical data.

product features
simultaneously monitoring of grounding current, partial discharge of cable, joint temperature and vibration
super capacitor energy storage, long working life (10 years), wide operating temperature range (-40 ℃~ 85 ℃)
continuously work for 10 minutes after power failure, the data will be sent back to the backstage supporter before and after power failure.
8-channel 16bit adc synchronous sampling
support transient fault recording, customized start setup, 128 local storage 
automatic tracking technology of ct energy acquisition of maximum power point , starting current:30a
low power design, maximum temperature rise of the system:800a when the electricity is taken, it is less than 10℃
multiple redundant protection design:mospipe silicon controlled double overvoltage protection mechanism, multilevel voltage trigger protection action, super capacitor auxiliary power supply protection design
waterproof technology: fully sealed stainless steel case, circuit board sealant immersion coating


cable on-line monitoring device for wireless transmission based on mg323  zl201220203091.5 
an on-line monitoring system for grounding current of hv cable protective layer  zl 2015 0 0191600.0 
gom4011 on-line monitoring device for grounding current of hv cable protective layer   201630157879.0 
a compensation device for current monitoring of hv cable protective layer  201621296937.9 

a high frequency signal monitoring device of wireless cable partial discharge based on ct inductive withdrawal of electricity  201720006338.7