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high-voltage static var compensator (svc)

high-voltage static var compensator (svc)

high-voltage static var compensator is a typical flexible ac transmission device. when applied in power transmission systems, it increases transmission capacity, stabilizes system voltage, damps low frequency oscillations and suppresses sub synchronous oscillations. when used in industrial power distribution networks, such as electrified railways, metallurgical and other industrial users, svc can lower voltage fluctuations, flickering, negative sequences and harmonics which are caused by nonlinear and impact loads, and in the meantime improve power quality, effectively enhance users’ production efficiency, increase load power factors, reduce reactive power flow and cut network losses.

device functions

functions of svc in transmission grids

  • significantly increase transmission capacity

  • improve system stability

  • enhance damping and low frequency oscillation suppression

  • reduce sub-synchronous resonance

  • achieve continuous, dynamic and precise system voltage regulation

  • reduce network losses

functions of svc in industrial distribution networks

  • increase the power factor

  • reduce network losses

  • suppression of harmonic interference caused by a nonlinear load

  • 3-phase load balancing

  • reduce negative sequence, voltage fluctuations and flicker

  • improve power quality

  • improve production efficiency

functions of svc in wind farms

  • increase system stability

  • suppress voltage fluctuations

  • enhance damping and low frequency oscillation suppression

technical features

  • dsp-based fully digital control system, fast dynamic response, high controlling accuracy

  • using optical trigger and producing energy under high voltage from a high potential board, and with bod thyristor protection, the system has strong anti-jamming capabilities

  • with horizontal thyristor valve design, the equipment is compact, reliable and requires less maintenance

  • thyristor valve uses components and water cooler from well-known foreign companies

  • closed pure water cooling system is adopted, providing a high cooling efficiency and more reliability in operation

  • the monitoring system is in an integrated workstation which provides a user-friendly human machine interface (hmi)

  • flexible control modes; a variety of control modes can be achieved, such as three-phase simultaneous control, split phase control and balanced three-phase control

  • multifunctional automation interface; remote operation and automation system interface functions can be achieved, thus system allows to be unattended

  • dual-redundant digital protection: the system includes a fast failure lockout device in addition to back-up computer protection;

  • modular design, which is able to offer integrated constructions to devices ranging from several megabytes to several hundred megabytes

  • all outdoor layout

  • in order to reduce the installation area and to be mobile and flexible, the movable svc (rsvc) with its compact layout can be used