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petercem sensor

petercem sensor

petercem sensors, part of mafelec group, specialized in design and manufacturing of current and voltage sensors, is happy to announce the release of 2 new products: rfcs1000 and hrs2500.

rfcs1000 is a 1000a current sensor, characterized by a rectangular shape, which presents the advantages to reduce significantly the volume (hence the space required to integrate it) and makes it particularly adapted to applications using busbars. in order to guarantee the reliability of the process, it ensures accurate measures across a wide measuring range (from 10a to 3000a). therefore, you get the best compromise between high level of performances and competitive price

hrs2500 is a current sensor dedicated to high power applications.  it allows fulfilling the customer requirements by reducing the size of the converters as it presents the same dimensions as a 2000a product but with the capacity to measure higher spikes. but not only… indeed, it is featured by a high level of accuracy, even if the environment is disturbed by electro-magnetic fields, which always exists with these large levels of currents. like rfcs, it covers a large scale of currents, from 20 and up to 4500a. you can benefit of the quality of measures and the robustness of hrs2500 to ensure the performances of your process!

petercem sensors, part of mafelec group, is specialized in design and manufacturing of current and voltage sensors. our products measure voltages up to 5kv and currents up to 40ka. they are designed to be installed in harsh environments and can withstand with high levels of environmental constraints including electromagnetic disturbance, while ensuring high accuracy and performances.

our core markets are industry, renewable energies and railway - both rolling stock and substation - and our various ranges of products are fully compliant with the applicable international standards. these applications being very demanding, our products can fit to many other applications and markets.

with more than 40 years of experience, petercem sensors has been working in close relationship with customers to create customized products that answer to specific constraints and fulfill the requirements. so let a specialist take care of your measurement project!